Ovulation and Back Pain – Here’s what you should know

Ovulation and Back Pain – Here’s what you should know

What Does Ovulation Pain Feel Like

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Ovulation and Back Pain - Here’s what you should know 1
Ovulation and Back Pain - Here’s what you should know 2

I come across these questions many times. Pain in the lower back or in the abdomen during vaginal discharge is a common occurrence. However, a serious issue could cause it as well. It’s important for you to recognize the cause otherwise, you might face many difficulties later on. You wouldn’t want to undergo such hassle and put yourself in that risk. Before you begin worrying about the issue already, you should keep in mind that mostly the pain is normal.

What Is Ovulation Pain

Ovulation is the phenomenon of the release of a ripe egg from the ovary. It occurs when the follicle, the cavity surrounding the egg, opens because of a hormonal signal. It takes place after 14 or sometimes 15 days from the first day of the woman’s last menstrual cycle. During this process, the eggs are available for fertilization. Therefore, it’s an important occurrence.

When Does Ovulation Pain Occur

Now you know about ovulation so you won’t have any confusions in that regard. There are many instances when pain also begins to happen during ovulation. It is natural and you shouldn’t worry much in this regard. The pain happens because the ovary releases the eggs. The egg releases follicular fluid, as well as blood, into the fallopian tube. There is a possibility that you won’t feel anything during this process because many women don’t. Still, you could feel a little pain or stabbing sensation on one side of your lower back. This would be the side where the ovary released the egg.

You can understand that a little pain during ovulation is not a serious issue. It doesn’t lead to any side effects and it recedes after a while. The pain could last a few minutes, hours or an entire day. However, it’s also possible for you to feel much pain for a longer duration. In that case, the cause might be something else.

What Are The Causes of Ovulation Pain

It could be UTI

The full form of UTI is Urinary Tract Infection. As the name suggests, it’s an infection in the urinary tract of the body, which is a delicate area. The main reasons for UTIs are bacteria. Bacterial infection happens most of the time in this area of the body. However, viruses and fungi are some other causes for this issue.

It could also be Vaginitis

Another popular term for Vaginitis is vulvovaginitis. It mainly affects the external area of the woman’s genitals. It causes many issues like discharge, odor and pain. It can lead to irritating itching as well. Yeast infection can also lead to Vaginitis. In most cases, you won’t feel back pain because of this infection. Before feeling pain in that area, you’ll begin to feel other symptoms of this disease.


These points should help you in developing a thorough idea about the occurrence of pain in the lower back or abdomen during vagina discharge or ovulation. If you think that there’s a serious cause for the pain then consult a doctor immediately.


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  • Cervical mucus changes. …
  • A heightened sense of smell. …
  • Breast soreness or tenderness. …
  • Mild pelvic or lower abdominal pain. …
  • Light spotting or discharge. …
  • Libido changes. …
  • Changes in the cervix

What Are The Symptoms of Ovulation

What Are The Symptoms of Ovulation

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